Maqamat Maroof

Maroof is an Arabian Faris (knight) from the city of Aleppo Maroof renowned for his bravery in fighting the Byzantines and the crusaders. Unfortunately, Maroof was captured by a lifelong enemy, Botometus the Byzantine, who incarcerated him in the island of Cyprus.

Maroof’s real journey starts when he is rescued by his new-friend Ali, a daring warrior from the land of Egypt. Their journey home will be an extraordinary adventure that will take them across the seas and through the land.

About The Author

Talal Ghannam was born in Aleppo, Syria. He spent all of his childhood and youth there where he got his bachelor degree in mechanical engineering. He then moved to UAE and then to the US where he got his master and Ph.D. in physics. From there he went to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where he worked in the research field. Recently, he has moved to Canada where he was able to polish his drawing skills as to finally finish his first Maroof comic story.

Besides his scientific career, Talal’s first passion was and still is history, especially the mysterious and conspiracy aspect of it. He hopes to include important information, which he has learned and discovered from his history research, in the Chronicles of Maroof series, information that are essential in understanding the Arabian and world history, and its ramifications into our recent times. Besides Maroof and various scientific papers, Talal published a nonfiction book, first and second editions, which examines numbers in a very fundamental and unique way. The book title is The Mystery of Numbers: Revealed through their Digital Root. Talal is married and has three children.

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Please feel free to contact me regarding any question or to add materials you think can enrich our knowledge about our history.