Maqamat Maroof

Maroof is an Arabian Faris (knight) from the city of Aleppo Maroof renowned for his bravery in fighting the Byzantines and the crusaders. Unfortunately, Maroof was captured by a lifelong enemy, Botometus the Byzantine, who incarcerated him in the island of Cyprus.

Maroof’s real journey starts when he is rescued by his new-friend Ali, a daring warrior from the land of Egypt. Their journey home will be an extraordinary adventure that will take them across the seas and through the land.


In this Crusades era comics, we follow Maroof the knight in his amazing journey back home. With the help of his friend Ali, together, they will have to use all of their wisdom and strength to overcome many obstacles and defeat many villains.

In this first volume, we discover how Maroof and Ali will escape from the Byzantine island of Cyprus and out of the vengeful hands of commander Botomitus. What strange object will they discover there by chance? Why are Naser and his gang there too? And why are they and the Templars behind the same object? Will our heroes be able to escape admiral Sharkinos’ horrible fist and reach the shore of Acre safely?
This volume is only the beginning to a journey unlike any other, where history, mystery, thrill and fun are combined to give the reader an exceptional and alternative view to the history of the Crusades, the Templars, the Arabs and much more.

The Chronicles Of Maroof
The Knight

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The Chronicles Of Maroof
The Knight (Arabic Edition)

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